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As a producer of high-quality tinned foods, we are committed to meeting our customers' growing demands for quality. That’s why we always use the best meat and quality ingredients for our wide selection of ready meals. Combined with our experience of over 50 years, professional skill and continuous quality control, we provide our customers with the highest standards of food safety. Our meals are skilfully prepared in the traditional manner in small quantities - that's why the taste is unrivalled.

The best of ingredients. Real cuisine.


Even today, DosenBistro products are still cooked, prepared and seasoned in a small kitchen - in contrast to industrially produced goods from other manufacturers. We produce our dishes in small manageable amounts of 96 units per dish and cooking process.


This means that DosenBistro can cook dishes that taste like you cooked them yourself and not like mass-produced mush. In comparison, in industrial production up to 1 million units are produced per "cooking process". This is of course reflected in the ingredients and additives used for this purpose and also has a negative impact on the taste.

Very high meat content


Compared to other commercially available canned foods, DosenBistro products have a significantly higher meat content and contain meat of exceptionally good quality. For example, our 400g packs of DosenBistro "Roast pork in dark beer gravy" contain 270g of meat. This means that there is 67.5% meat content in the meal, whereas comparable products of other manufacturers contain a maximum meat content of 40%. Of course this exceptionally high meat content is not a coincidence. It demonstrates the philosophy of DosenBistro in the best way - as one of the first companies to preserve delicious, honest and generous cuisine in cans. That's DosenBistro.


No food additives where possible.


DosenBistro avoids using food additives wherever possible, just as you would do in a normal household kitchen. This includes all flavour enhancers, preservatives, thickeners and colourings, which are often used in industrial production. This makes our DosenBistro products taste far better and far more authentic. Genuine, delicious cuisine the way you want it - that's DosenBistro.

Prepared and ready to eat in next to no time at all

All DosenBistro meals are ready to eat and just need to be warmed up. Simply submerge the tin in hot water to warm it up and then plate and serve! You can serve an entire three-course meal in almost no time at all. And every tin is guaranteed to be of unrivalled quality.

DosenBistro wishes you

"Bon appetit!"